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Enable OpenELEC SSH login with keys, and without password, disable local SSH password

1) Connect to OpenELEC using ordinary SSH with user 'root' and password 'openelec' 2) Change directory to .ssh/: cd .ssh/ 3) Generate a pair of ssh keys: ssh-keygen -t rsa Accept all default settings by pressing [ENTER]. If you are asked to to overwrite id_rsa press 'y' and [ENTER]. 4) Copy the content of the public key ('') into 'authorized_keys': cat >> authorized_keys 5) Copy 'id_rsa' to the device that you want to log into OpenELEC from, e.g. your mobile phone. 6) Setup the connection on your device using the private key ('id_rsa'). You still need to use the username 'root'. You can rename this file and give it a more useful name. Make sure that you are able to log in without using the password! 7) To disable the local password on OpenELEC/KODI, open settings in KODI and select "Services" on the left hand side. Here you can disable SSH password.