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Deploy Microsoft Office (2016) with GPO

I struggled a bit with finding the right solution to deploy Office 2016 to my users. I found that running the setup.exe was not really possible as I was forced to use a .MSI-file. I ended up with making a .BAT-file that started the install, when the user logs on to Windows. It only runs on the machines that I choose and only runs if Office 2016 is not already installed on the machine. I created a group policy that ran a logon script (my .BAT-file) and linked it to the GPO where all users are located. My .BAT-file: @echo off cls REM *** [GROUP/DEPARTMENT NAME] *** if %computername%==PC1 goto checkVersion REM ***  [OTHER GROUP/DEPARTMENT NAME]  *** if %computername%==PC2 goto checkVersion if %computername%==PC3 goto checkVersion if %computername%==PC4 goto checkVersion if %computername%==PC26 goto checkVersion if %computername%==PC27 goto checkVersion if %computername%==YOU-GET-THE-POINT goto checkVersion goto end :checkVersion if exist "C:\Program Files (

Microsoft Office 2016 and the AUTO_ACTIVATE property

In Office 2013 is was possible to automatically activate it after install by using a property called AUTO_ACTIVATE in the Office Customization Tool (OCT) (to start the OCT, you just need to run the setup for the Office installation like this: 'setup.exe /admin' - you don't need to download the OCT). It doesn't work in Office 2016. I solved it by running the OCT and doing this instead: If you want to know how the make the install completely automated, read on: I modified these settings: Save the .MSP file in the Office installation folder under \updates\. All .MSP files in this folder, is used during installation. If files exist in this folder, and you run setup.exe, the 'normal' Office installation will use the settings under \updates\ (the settings modified in the .MSP file created in OCT).