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DNS stopped working after Ubuntu 14.04 upgrade to Ubuntu 16.04

1) I resolved it by removing file /etc/resolv.conf: sudo rm /etc/resolv.conf 2) and creating a new file: sudo nano /etc/resolv.conf 3) and typing my name server in the file: nameserver [YOUR DNS SERVER IP HERE]

Check_MK (OMD) fails showing pnp4nagios graphs after Ubuntu upgrade

When upgrading Ubuntu from version 14.04 to version 16.04 php-cgi version 5 is replaced by version 7. This will cause Check_MK to fail when trying to display pnp4nagios graphs. 1) If you are running OMD, then edit file: /omd/sites/ [YOUR SITE NAME HERE] /etc/apache/php-wrapper 2) and change the path to php-cgi version 7: ... # Replace with the path to your FastCGI-enabled PHP executable #exec /usr/bin/php5-cgi \ exec /usr/bin/php-cgi7.0 \     -d session.save_handler=files \    ... 3) Then stop and start the OMD site.